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The Fading Haze of a Memory

And for the briefest moment,
I saw her again,
Smiling from the dock
At our cottage in Michigan.
Head tilted just a slight.
Her tresses folding and flowing
Over her shoulders, down her back,
Reaching for the current’s rowing.
And like a vintage photo –
The colours fade to white and black.
A haze washes the image away.
She’s gone. And I can’t get her back.


No Room

In your heart there’s no room.
Since friends we’ve always been
I guess I began to presume
That one day you’d let me in.

In your heart there’s no room.
My actions set to portray
My feelings for you to assume,
But you ignored the display.

In your heart there’s no room.
So no matter what I do
Love’s blossom won’t bloom,
Showing its magnificent hue. Continue reading “No Room”

An Eternal Identity

I lost sight of who I was.
My identity was once so strong.
As I look now I see the cause,
And it was when all started going wrong.

I relied on my social state
By name, single or dating,
That’s how I would rate,
In my mind there was no debating.

However those things change,
And so I felt I lost my identity.
Something so odd and strange
As I lost sight of me.

But my measurement wasn’t right,
I still have my identity.
My eyes had lost their sight,
For I will always be a daughter of He.

The future still sometimes scares me.
It can look dangerous and wild.
So I’ll hold fast to my identity,
I am forever God’s child.

Treat with Care

I left it locked up, blocked by bars
Hidden so that it wouldn’t gain more scars

It’s been hurt before. Left behind to die,
Shrivel like a dry rose crying out “why?”

But it was stolen. Someone broke through
The large brick walls; that someone is you.

Look in your hands. There it now resides,
Beating with love, a love that abides.

It’s not a toy to be broken apart.
Treat it with care because it’s my heart.


Off in a world of your own
Of where your mind has flown

Times and places
Old memories
Different faces
That the mind sees

Holding tight
To the past
Wishing with all your might
That some of it would last

Off in a world of your own
Of where your mind has flown

The Storm

A force invisible to others
Watch for its effects
Hear it push through open spaces
Creaks and snaps as pieces object

Rumblings in the distance
Growing intense above
As it surely approaches
Something to be wary of

Nightfall in middle of day
Sky of monochromatic black
All light blocked from view
A build up before the attack

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Daddy, I’m Going to Lie

I’m going to lie in your arms
When they’re tired and weak
I’m going to lie on your chest
When you want to sleep
I’m going to lie on your shoulder
And burp up some food

Daddy, I’m going to lie
I just want you to know
I’m going to lie
I’m sorry, but I must tell you so

I’m going to lie when others cry
Say it wasn’t me and deny
I’m going to lie in the pantry
With food on my face which I’ll say I didn’t eat
I’m going to lie when you put me to bed
So I can sleep in your room, I’ll have a hurt head
I’m going to lie

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Shield Your Eyes

Shield your eyes

Don’t let them look inside

Put on a disguise

You have so much to hide

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Nobody Knows

Love and laughter –

Joy all the time –

You made me feel special;

I was on cloud nine.


But I wasn’t enough

To make you stay;

It hurt so much

To watch you walk away.


It’s a roller coaster,

That’s how life goes.

I’m plunging down

And nobody knows.

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