We are doing a short story unit in Writers’ Craft. As of the moment my short story is a work in progress. To give a glimpse of what is to come, the following is a working outline of my story, as well as the reasoning to why I chose to write this story.

Idea – Tell the story of a bullied teenager

– Start with main character at school
– Show the different bullying episodes
– Portray the feelings of main character
– Give the situation of home life (??)
– Reaction of character to bullying
– Perhaps end in tragedy

I want to write this story because it is a topic that has a huge impact on me. I have seen many movies and read stories about the results of bullying on the victims. Yet even though many have heard about it, everyone needs to become more aware of what really happens inside the mind of those tortured by comments or physical abuse.
There is an even bigger reason to this story though. I was a victim of bullying when I first started school, as I grew older, bullying took on a different shape, but still continued for some time. To this day, I still suffer from some of the effects of the bullies words and actions. In the time following, I have been working on conquering and suppressing all of the damaging effects it had on me. My goal is that I will no longer experience the days on which my mind gives me no peace.
A person’s self-esteem and self-confidence suffer a large blow after they are bullied multiple times. Also, trust for the person who does the bullying is lost, and it is extremely hard to rebuild the previous relationship, even if the person was your best friend.

Each story has different dominant characteristics. This story will be mainly based around the theme and the characters. These characteristics will help emphasize my reasoning behind this story, and hopefully, cause a deeper awareness in all readers. The characters will help portray the feelings and actions of both sides, bullies and victims. Although the theme will be obvious, it is the most important component of the story.

For now, this is just my plan for the story, so changes could be made during the writing and editing processes. Look for the story in the weeks to come!