Poetry is magical, made alive with the words it contains. Some conceal messages amidst the lines and the best of poetry has emotion weaved throughout. Poetry for me is a hobby, an interest both to read and to write. It is a way to express the deepest feelings, thoughts and memories that swirl in me. Yet these poems are not shown to anyone because they enclose more meaning for me than it would for anyone else.
Poetry is one of the easiest ways to explain myself. With pen in hand and ink flowing out onto the pure lined pages, the words easily flow from my being.
The prominence of poetry in my life is at a good level, but I would like to be able to better understand the thoughts of poets when I read their poems. Poems gain life and spirit when the reader know its true hidden meaning.
Although to some the unit of poetry is long and tedious, for me it brings joy and a chance to express myself in a way that no other type of literature can.