Ice, snow, frigid air, the detestable season of winter was back. Carika stared out at the frozen wasteland. It was like a desert except in sub-zero temperatures. Her first winter in Churchill, Manitoba had been exciting; coming from the exotic country of Cuba, snow was something she had never seen before. The novelty of winter wore off after Carika noticed that she would not have the warm temperatures she was used to, not even during the summer season.
Gone was the hot summer sunshine, bathing her skin in golden yellow beams. Gone were her many friends that she grew up with. Gone were the beaches that she basically lived on. Gone was her life. Carika was as frozen inside as it was outside her window. Her tears became ice droplets as soon as they left her eyes. She shivered unconsciously within her family’s small apartment which was above the hotel for the tourists. Grey walls and no light both contributed to the gloomy mood she was always in. She was alone, completely alone. Her parents devoted their time to the hotel, they had no time for her, and she was the only child. Churchill was barely a speck on the map, heard of, but never visited.
She missed the white sand beaches; they outdid this desolate place in every situation. She missed the aqua water licking up on the shore, dancing with her feet, and beckoning her out into the ocean. The pine trees were not remotely comparable to the soaring palm trees that had edged her hometown. The howling of wind was her new companion, her real friends miles away. Snow was endless and people were few, Churchill would never be home. Carika belonged in Cuba, where the endless summer reigned free and strong.