I had the chance to reflect on some past writing of mine and decided to share this inventory of being written a year ago.


I am Kayla.

I am sixteen years old.

I age more every day,

But I am ever young in spirit and in mind.

I am quiet and keep to myself,

I may even be described as reserved,

Because only around some people do I truly feel free to be me.

To me, friends are extremely important,

However, not the number you have,

But those who honestly would stand by you,

Under all circumstances.

I love well written stories,

And music with meaning.

They both have to flow.

I used to like school a lot,

Now I am not quite sure.

At some point something changed,

I don’t know whether it was school or me.

I am in love with summer and soaking up the sun,

I detest being cold and the chill of winter,

Yet I still enjoy certain winter activities.

Silence doesn’t bother me,

I use the time to ponder, to form my thoughts.

My mind is always awhirl,

But my opinions stay unvoiced.

I am fond of ice cream,

In any form,

Cake, bar, cone, bowl.

I cannot stand loud, obnoxious people

And anyone who is swaggering or arrogant.

I have my blonde moments,

Although I try not to.

I despise wearing glasses,

Contacts make my world much more distinctive.

Sometimes I am a leader,

Many times I let others be the director,

I prefer being a mix.

I hate bullies or rather when people pick on others,

They don’t know how much damage they do.

I love hot chocolate, warm rich goodness.

It keeps me happy on days the weather does not.

I strive to be consistent, in all good traits,

It’s harder to do than one would think.

I used to dream big, sometimes I still do,

I was told to be realistic, to stop being impractical.

I find it very hard.

I love to help others,

Whenever and in whatever way I can,

I just listen, at times that is all someone needs.

I am claustrophobic,

I feel strangled when squashed in a room with many people,

My chest compresses and stops expanding.

I need my space.

I love colour!

Life would be bland without it,

All black and white, with nothing to catch my eye.

I can be insane,

But that’s why I need others,

To keep me somewhat grounded.

In all I do,

I strive to do my best,

I know God will do the rest.

I am Kayla and this is 2013.