It feels like a dream

I’m in a movie scene

A gown of blue

Sterilized, not new

A sharp prick

The nurse works quick

The IV drips slowly

Entering bloodstream wholly

Socks on cold tile

I wait awhile

Thick door opens

My turn to walk in

Board like bed

Adjust my head

Cage over face

Heart begins to race

Tube swallows me

About 30 minutes says she

Magnetic beat

Pulsing on repeat

Lie very still

Fight the chill

Do not twitch

Ignore the itch

Let the mind roam

Think of going home

Imagine the ocean

Floating on waves motion

Replay talks with best friend

Soon the MRI will end

Pause for more IV

Soon I’ll be set free

Keep body calm

Panic ball in palm

Too loud to sleep

Constant machine beep

Board begins to slide

Sit on bedside

IV is removed

Discharge is approved

Cotton ball and tape

I make my escape

Results I await

For tumour update