It was first just a thought –

A dream conceived,

Then began the pulse –

A joy that breathed,

And from there it grew –

A steady beat,

Gaining new balance

To walk on its feet.

School beings and ends,

On and on it sails

Using what was learned

To quickly climb the scales.

The strong beat skips,

And the heart swells,

When the climax is hit

With chimes of wedding bells.

The picture becomes busy

Depicted like a mess,

And causing this measure

Is many notes of stress.

Not all is high pressure

Or times of calamity,

For with its partner

There is true harmony.

Joyful memories

Of all that took place

Flow on as melody

With love at its base.

Hospital machines beep;

The steady beat slows.

The pulse fades away;

The song draws to a close.