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Friendship: A Special Thing

Friendship is a special thing
Don’t hold it down, let it take wing,
And then while you watch it soar
You’ll wonder how a friend became so much more.

A true friend is one that’s always there,
Showing by their presence how much they care;
Whether you’re down or flying high,
There they are, standing nearby.
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When the Sun Rises

“And He shall be like the light of the morning when the sun rises, a morning without clouds” 2 Samuel 23:4


A single golden reaching ray

Stretching to touch your heart

It is the beginning of a new day,

A rebirth, a fresh start.


The brightness of the light grows,

And darkness is defeated.

Let the world know

The Son’s work is completed.

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The Beat

It was first just a thought –

A dream conceived,

Then began the pulse –

A joy that breathed,

And from there it grew –

A steady beat,

Gaining new balance

To walk on its feet.

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It feels like a dream

I’m in a movie scene

A gown of blue

Sterilized, not new

A sharp prick

The nurse works quick

The IV drips slowly

Entering bloodstream wholly

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New Battle Won

I may not look like I have what it takes,

But it’ll take more than words to cause me to break.

I may not be stronger than a thousand men,

But when the world knocks me down I’ll get up again.

I may not look powerful and large,

But I’ll stand in the face of the charge.

I may not look pretty when it’s all said and done,

But getting through another day is a new battle won.

Mental Foe

When you ask if I’m alright

I know you are just being polite

You don’t really want to know

How I sometimes battle a mental foe

That I crawl back into bed

With a war inside my head

Where I fight to say I’m strong

But my mind always proves me wrong

Day’s Screaming and Dreaming

Sometimes the day’s screaming

Doesn’t end when I start dreaming

It’s a nightmare

That gives me quite the scare

So then I lay awake all night

And tell myself I’m alright

That everything will be okay

And prepare myself for the next day

A Maiden’s Call

There was a young and handsome man

Lived by the Berlin wall,

And on a cool and starry night

He heard a maiden call.

With her sweet and melodic voice,

It made his head spin ’round,

Soon he fell into a deep sleep.

It stopped without a sound.

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Placed in Her Clutch

A girl stepped away,

Leaving her family behind.

Her body had the say;

She could be out of her mind.

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